Edmonton, Alberta – February 2019

To be completed on time and on budget, your hyper-scheduled project needs more than standard engineering deliverables. Quality drawings and work packages are critical, but so are the tools and people required for implementations on tight timelines.

Cutover and shutdown work tends to focus heavily on electrical and controls scope, but commissioning services shouldn’t become an afterthought. Supplied drawings signify the end state of your project, but equal attention needs to be given to how the scope is executed. Cybertech has as much experience in planning and executing shutdown work as generating the work packages.

Time is as valuable an asset as engineering deliverables, and avoiding bottlenecks during commissioning requires an informed execution strategy. Cybertech knows how to plan control systems work, and we’ve repeatedly ensured the success of our clients and their turnarounds – planning and executing the onsite work to tightly align with an overall turnaround schedule.

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Cybertech Tight Cutovers and Shutdowns white paper